Energetic Efficiency

Energetic Efficiency

The use of shade sails is also recommended to reduce the interior temperature of those rooms with glass enclosures on which the Sun hits very directly in summer.

In some cases, the temperatures that are reached are so high that the space is unfit for use. In other cases, you have to put the air conditioners to work to the maximum to compensate for these high temperatures.

The use of shade sails to minimize the greenhouse effect inside some buildings allows us to improve the thermal comfort of the spaces and / or reduce energy expenditure for thermal conditioning.

The sails can be placed horizontally, follow some images, or vertically as a second skin of the facade.

GALE PACIFIC, with its COMMERCIAL 95 shade sail product, has carried out a small study in collaboration with the Rovira I Virgili University in a building of the aforementioned University in Tarragona. The study concludes that with the use of the vertical shade sails on the façade there is a clear reduction in the interior temperature, the difference between having a sail and not having it would be approx. 7 ºC of average difference. In addition, we greatly reduce the oscillation of the temperature. You can consult the CASE STUDY at http://www.revistatoldodigital.es/2019/n1/page_41.html

Shade sails



to reduce the temperature in

Waiting rooms and Consultations.