Own workshop for the repair and maintenance of sailing and nautical upholstery.



Repair Service

Our workshop is equipped with the technology and machinery necessary to perform any kind of repair on your sails.

In addition, our extensive experience in the sector allows us to state that we know which is the best repair technique in each case in order to achieve the best and most lasting results.


New sails

We manufacture your new sails with the best materials on the market so that you get the best performance and maximum durability.

In our own workshop we design and tailor the patterns that best suit your needs.

Our experience and our clients endorse us.

Trabajamos con los mejores proveedores del mercado.

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Nautical Tapestry

In our veranda we perform all the necessary tasks so that your sails and your upholstery are always in an optimal state.

General maintenance, repair or repositioning of all the upholstery of your boat.

Cleaning both the sails and the upholstery.

We have a vast workshop where you can perform the hibernation of your sails.





The perfect condition of the rope is essential for proper operation of your boat.

With the vocation of offering the best service, we seek in the market the best materials, the most innovative, the highest quality and offering the most security.

For this reason we work with the best brands:

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