About Catvela, Velas de sombra Awnings

About us

In 2004, the company was founded CatVela de velería tradicional in Barcelona. Out of interest in the textile architecture, the original activity was reinforced by the production of the solar sail.
Experiment with quality materials, unusual geometries and functional accessories developed in an independent business unit. Through CatVela projects of the company for commercial and residential clients throughout the Iberian Peninsula they went to … Dato realized.
It’s time to expand and make collective knowledge also available in Germany!
With this in mind, the Catvela company has now been launched, which is dedicated to the sale of custom awnings in Germany.
CATVELA defined by the passion for textile architecture and the joy of traditional craft SAIL makers.
A Neugeründeste sales office and service in Berlin ensures personalized attention to customers in Germany. All the solar sails are made to your individual needs in the production plant in Barcelona by hand.
We would be delighted if you jump on the wave and navigate through this site to have a shade of sunlight according to your own desires to do.
Olof Warnecke, general director
Born in 1979 in Eckernförde
1998 professional training for the sailboat / Doyle Velas / Kiel
2,001 sailboat experience Australia / New Zealand
2003 Employment Spain Segelmacherei
2004 CatVela Foundation in Barcelona / Sitges
2012 SUNCAT Foundation Spain
Dipl. Ing. Bastian Barkow, Sales Manager of Germany Born in 1977 in Eckernförde
1995 professional training as a carpenter
2003 Bachelor of Industrial Engineering at HTW Berlin
2,008 independent artisans for art, culture and design projects
2012 SUNCAT Germany Foundation