First quality materials for our sails


Only with the best materials can we guarantee the durability of your sail awning.

There are many types of canvas and fabrics, but not all are suitable for medium and long-term outdoor use. The sails are subjected to the aggressions of the weather: rain, wind, temperature changes, solar rays, … In the market you will find a large number of fabrics that apparently have a high quality at a very economical price, do not leave cheat.

Besides, we not only have to look at the material, but also at its construction. It is very important that the seams of the sails are made well with quality threads so that the SAIL remains a SAIL and not a rag at the mercy of the wind.

At CatVela we only work with the best and most suitable materials of brands of proven solvency. We have a commitment to quality in the short and long term.

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