SAULEDA’s PORT collection is a collection of high tenacity polyester fabrics (AT polyester) with PVC coating on both sides that provides color, lightness, elegance and high performance in nautical applications where lightness and high resistance are especially required.

PORT has excellent qualities: long life, high resistance to UV rays, solid colors, maximum stability, impermeability, specific antifungal treatment for marine environments, easy cleaning, handling and maintenance. All this provides excellent performance in the marine environment.

It is available in two finishes:

PORT with a lightly embossed GRAIN engraving.

PORT PRO with a TREND type engraving, with a more pronounced relief.

SAULEDA guarantees these tarpaulins for a period of 5 years against abnormal deterioration, rotting and loss of color, if they are subjected to normal atmospheric conditions, and if they have been systematically maintained correctly.


Technical characteristics