Automatic furling sail

The ultimate in design, functionality and comfort

At Catvela we design, plan and manufacture automatic sails adapting to the unique needs of each client. Our sails have a very simple and light appearance and blend in very well with their surroundings because the mechanism that stretches the sail is hidden inside the stainless steel masts.

They roll up and stretch automatically according to weather conditions. They are suitable for gardens or terraces and can cover an area of up to 64 m2.

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Automatic Sails are furled on an axis on the diagonal of the sail thanks to a mechanism hidden inside the mast. The sail is very flexible and can be positioned to suit the lighting conditions. It can be complemented with an intelligent system of sun and wind sensors that protects the installation in case of absence.

In addition, it is possible to equip the sail with a metal track mechanism that facilitates adjustment to different sun positions during the day. With little maneuvering, the position of the sail can be changed and thus adjusted to the position of the sun, especially at sunset and on very sunny days.

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Ideal for large areas requiring shading adapted to the daily solar cycle.

Maximum comfort and absolute safety.

Wind resistance up to 40km/h.

Shading of large areas up to 64 m2.
Optional waterproofing.

Original design and state-of-the-art technology.