Exclusiv Shade Sail

Very unique Shade Sails

CatVela Exclusiv sails are manufactured with the best materials, the most resistant and innovative of the market, and handmade using the most innovative technology, so we guarantee the highest quality. Our experience in the nautical field is evident in our work. The fundamental difference between the Exclusiv series and the Basic series lies in a more elaborate construction and a wider range of materials.

CatVela EXCLUSIV shade sails are an excellent solution for shading large areas on patios, terraces and gardens when..:

  • The spaces to be protected are large,
  • The sails will be exposed to harsh weather conditions,
  • Rain protection should also be provided
  • If we want a more sophisticated finish in terms of materials or manufacture.

We offer:

  • Customized technical solution for sail anchoring.
  • Fabrication of special stainless steel parts if required
  • Intelligent solutions for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Use of state-of-the-art nautical materials
  • Choice of the best fabrics available in the market.

Customized design and planning

We design and plan the Exclusiv Solar Sails in collaboration with our client. A project of your Solar Sail is first elaborated looking for the best solutions for the special characteristics of the site and then a detailed three-dimensional sketch of your sail is created. It is important to us to respect the individual aesthetic wishes of our customers when planning and designing the sail.

The key to installation is the anchors. We use Hilti and Würth anchoring systems, the best on the market. We have our own stainless steel workshop to be able to customize the installation to the maximum and manufacture custom-made pieces. The tensioning systems we use are strong enough to meet the needs of shade sails.