Soltis 86

SOLTIS family sails are micro-perforated fabrics made of high tenacity polyester yarns. We have different references in the series depending on the grammage and the percentage of micro_aeration. They are fabrics with exceptional thermal shielding to stop heat and solar radiation.

The SOLTIS family offers effective thermal protection while allowing natural light to pass through. Allows visibility to the outside, the degree of visibility varies depending on the microperforation.

These fabrics offer good levels of stability and durability as they are manufactured according to Serge Ferrari patented Précontraint® technology. This technology consists of keeping the composite in tension during the entire manufacturing cycle, thus achieving the following: No deformation during installation or during use, No elongation or tearing, Reduced thickness, Smooth surface and easy winding.

Soltis 86 is an ideal product for the production of all types of sails and awnings. Thanks to its 14% micro-aeration, the fabric regulates the action of the sun and allows the circulation of free air, while providing an excellent view to the outside.

Soltis 86 is characterized by high UV and tear resistance, excellent surface stability and very low maintenance. All this makes it a highly demanded product in all types of construction projects.

Soltis 86 has a wide palette of colors that allow you to let your imagination run wild.

Mechanical Properties
Soltis 86
Weight m² 380g/m² (380g/m²)
NF EN ISO 2286-2
Width 177 cm
Tensile Strength
230/160 daN/5 cm
NF EN ISO 1421
Tear resistance
45/20 daN/5 cm
DIN 53.363
Fire behavior M1/M2 (F) NFP 92.503
B1 (D) DIN4102
Thickness 0.43 mm
Quality Assurance ISO 9002
Warranty 5 Years