Basic Shade Sails

Quality at the best price

Economical Shade Sails with the highest quality.

There are apparently very inexpensive sails on the market, but you will soon realize why: the fabrics discolor and lose elasticity, the seams fray and the anchors lose strength.

Catvela makes custom sails, adapting them to each space, always working with the best materials.

In addition, our sails are equipped with a system that allows to assemble and disassemble the sail very easily.

CatVela Basic shade sails are an excellent solution for shading large areas in patios, terraces and gardens with all the quality and aesthetics at an unbeatable price.

They are designed so that the user can design and install his own sail.

Only basic do-it-yourself skills are required. CatVela accompanies and supports the customer throughout the installation process to ensure a good result.

CatVela Basic sails are made of materials resistant to weathering and UV radiation.

They are designed to be easily placed when the sun bothers and easily removed when the sun is appreciated, usually used from April to October.

Stainless steel anchors installed in walls or ceilings remain in place until the next sail placement.

By day they will protect us from the sun and by night … they will transform space into something new …


No noise even in strong winds, high wind resistance.

Assembly and disassembly in a few minutes.

Resistance to sun and dirt. Easy to clean and long lasting.

High quality of the materials used.
Stainless steel or aluminum anchors.

Optimal use of surfaces and spaces.
Excellent value for money.