Sea star

SAULEDA’ s SEA STAR collection is a collection of acrylic fabrics, with solution-dyed Masacril® acrylic fiber, which give very good performance in the multiple applications of the nautical sector when we are looking for waterproof fabrics.

That the acrylic fiber be mass dyeing means that special dyes, which are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, are added directly to the dissolved polymer before the fiber is formed, thus ensuring that the dye is homogeneously distributed throughout the fiber, both in the outer layers and in the core. Thus, the tarpaulin obtained has exceptional weather resistance, both in terms of color and mechanical properties. In addition, acrylic fiber has a high intrinsic resistance to fungus and rot.

SAULEDA tarpaulins have a finish that prevents dirt from adhering and facilitates cleaning. In this way, the water washes away the surface layer of dirt, but does not remove stains or embedded dirt.

It is an ideal canvas when excellent water resistance and a wide color palette are required.

SAULEDA guarantees its tarpaulins for a period of 5 years against abnormal deterioration, rotting and loss of color, if they are subjected to normal atmospheric conditions, and if they have been systematically maintained correctly.

Sea Star Normal

Sauleda Sea Star Normal tarpaulins increase water repellency without losing breathability. All Sea Star Normal tarpaulins incorporate a finish that makes them highly resistant to stains, increases color stability and extends the life of the tarpaulin.

Sea Star Special

The special resin finish provides Sea Star Special tarpaulins with qualities and resistance to more than 1000 mm. of water column. The water column is the method used to measure and indicate the resistance of a fabric to the passage of water, the higher the value of the water column, the more difficult it is for water to pass through the fabric.

Its wide color range makes it an ideal canvas when excellent water repellency is required.

Sea Star Panama Plus Normal

Sea Star Panama Plus Normal acrylic canvas belongs to the group of high-end fabrics. Its differential characteristic is that the weft is 2×2 and this gives it more weight and thickness than any other acrylic canvas. This exceptional finish provides excellent performance against water, salinity and humidity. The fiber is also solution dyed, keeping the colors vivid and lightfast for decades.

Sea Star Panama Plus Special

An exceptional canvas that combines the high-end finishes of Sea Star Panama Plus with a Special thermal resin, achieving maximum performance. A perfect fabric to enjoy the nautical world while protecting both the boat and the people from the weather.


Technical characteristics